The Nursing Home
The nursing home is set amidst peaceful sylvan surroundings. Engulfed by the soothing foliage and medicinal plants, the nursing home is a haven for those seeking mental and physical relaxation. The inpatient department of the nursing home started functioning in 1978, initially with six rooms. This was gradually expanded 30 spacious rooms equipped with facilities for treatment, bathing and cooking. To accomodate more patients five special rooms have been rented from the Trust. Specially trained attendants take care of the nursing part. One relative or attendant is allowed to stay with the patient. All types of treatments including Panchakarma are done here in the traditional style.

The Clinical Treatments in Ayurveda serve an important role in curing diseases especially of the chronic type. The treatments are generally divided into two: SHODHANA (removal of adversely affected. doshas) & SHAMANA (curative). Panchashodhanakarma or Panchakarma is the most prominent one in the former group. Panchakarma treatments are not carried out on raw patients. This is because the patient has to be conditioned to accept such serious treatments. These preliminary treatments are called Snehasweda. Pizhichil or Thailadhara ( pouring of warm oil) and Navarakizhi (massage with specially prepared kizhi made out of navara rice and Kurunthotti kashaya etc) are the two major treatments in snehasweda. Snehapanam is another type in this group. At the same time snehapanam is done as Shamanachikilsa too in which after snehapanam, Virechana (medication for clearing bowels) or Vamana (medication to vomit) are done after swedam (sweating of the body by exposing to steam) as otherwise the cleansed doshas will dissolve into the dhathu (the basic elements). Medication, generally are for curation (Shamana). Kashaya, Choorna , tablet etc are curative. Thakradhara ( Dhara is a treament in which medicated fluid is poured on the forehead with out break while the body is being massaged) and Thalapothichil (covering head with medicines well ground ) too are included in the shamana group.

Panchakarma consists of five methods of purifying the body - Vasthi, (medicated enema), Vamanam, (medication to make to vomit), Virechnam, (medication for cleaning the bowels), Nasyam or Siro Virechanam, (insertion through nose) & Rakthamoksham, (Letting of impure blood).

Generally no patient will be admitted in our nursing home immedietly after the first consultation even if accomodation is available as the physical condition of the patient may not be suiatable to undergo clinical treatments like pizhichil, navarakizhi etc. Hence the patient will be advised to start treatment as out patient and then report again after a month or so for admission. But the case of patients coming from other states with prior intimation will be considered favourably if permitted by the Physician. Generally no patient will be admitted during summer (15th April to 15th June) as summer season.

For 22 days' stay as inpatinet the cost will be approximately Rs.75,000.00 (Non A.C Room) which does not include the cost of food. For All rooms are self contained (Europian Closets) and provided with 2 cots, beds, bed spreads, table, chair etc. The room rent will be Rs. 800.00. for Non A.C rooms and Rs. 1750.00 for A.C rooms.